Employees who feel valued are more motivated, responsible, and productive than those who don't. This program will help managers create a more dynamic and energised workplace. It is designed specifically to help managers understand what employees want and to create a starting point for nurturing champions.

Programme Content

  • Using motivation to improve productivity.
  • Explain theories of motivation and put them into practice.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Use the principles of reinforcement and expectancy to ‘fire up’ a workforce.
  • Put theory into practice. Participants will work on several case studies, explore methods to design jobs, and review actions that they can take immediately to motivate their teams.

Accreditation by ILM is optional.

Duration & Mode of Delivery

In this one-day workshop you will be enabled to use a range of problem solving and decision making tools for your area of work. 

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for managers, team leaders and any staff member who needs to acquire knowledge of how to motivate themselves and their staff. At the end of this program, participants should have a plan in place to ‘spark’ themselves and their teams into action.