Manager as Coach

Developing Team Leaders for ‘Challenging Times’

Manager as Coach


The workshop is designed to equip managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to coach staff in challenging times.

Programme Content

Themes for the workshop.

Know the benefits and principles of coaching:

  • Know how to empower high performers and address under-performers

Learn the skills to diagnose the cause of poor performance:

  • Know how to tap into staff potential
  • Analysis of staff issues
  • Case study feedback

Skills practice - motivate ‘star players’ and coach under-performers:

Use the three approaches for dealing with performance:

  • GROW –adopt a coaching style using GROW
    • (Goal, Reality, Options, Will to act)
  • PEG – carry out a diagnostic interview using PEG 
    • (Problem, Expectation, Gap)
  • PIP – agree an improvement plan using PIP
    • (Problem, Improvement, Plan)

Review and write Action Plans.

Duration & Mode of Delivery

In one day we combine ‘leading edge’ thinking with a practical interactive delivery style and a combination of input from ‘high-level’ experienced professionals. Skills practice; small group sharing and self-awareness exercises are also used to ensure that the learning is dynamic, vibrant and representative of best practice. 

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for First Line Managers and Leaders who are responsible for:

  • Inspiring trust by supporting and coaching staff.
  • Uncovering the talent, potential and dignity in staff and transforming it into achievement.
  • Turning corporate aspirations into a personal misson.