Managing Change

Managing Change at Work


This workshop engages with the process of managing change and how it can be implemented successfully in the workplace.  

Programme Content

  • The benefits of change and the consequences of not changing
  • The role of change in the survival and prosperity of organisations
  • Concepts of creativity and innovation and their significance for organisational success and change management
  • Barriers to change and innovation – how to identify them and other difficulties in implementing change
  • The role of communication in successful implementation of change
  • PESTLE and SWOT analysis
  • Methods of planning for change
  • Methods to monitor and control progress of change against plan, including use of Gantt charts, network planning
  • The importance of communication and involving people to facilitate effective change
  • The importance of continuous improvement
  • Ways to involve people in quality and continuous improvement

Accreditation by ILM is optional.

Duration & Mode of Delivery

In this one-day workshop you will be enabled to use a range of change management tools for your area of work. 

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for managers, team leaders and any staff member who need to acquire knowledge of change management and is responsible for improving service, cutting costs and finding more efficient ways of working. It is also suitable for staff who want to support their team in change.