Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business


This workshop will help you to successfully market your business, create effective social media campaigns, run promotional activities and bring in additional business. You will build a detailed marketing plan during the workshop that you can implement in your business. It also covers the latest marketing tactics and has been designed specifically with sole traders and small companies in mind. All the ideas presented to you at the workshop will be low cost, tangible ideas that work.

Programme Content

  • Relevance of marketing to organisations
  • The Marketing Mix (product, price, place and promotion & 7P  model for services)  
  • Nature and role of market segmentation
  • Internal  organisational audit- SWOT analysis
  • External organisational audit- PESTLE and Michael Porter’s five forces
  • Outline of market planning and its purpose
  • Sales promotion and advertising methods
  • Public and customer relation activities
  • Importance of internet marketing

Accreditation by ILM is optional.

Duration and Mode of Delivery

In this one-day workshop you will learn how to set marketing objectives, maximise your brand exposure and re-position your company through messaging.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to know how to ‘sell’ their product, organisation or business.