Career Planning

Career Planning Workshop

Discover the work your love to do.


This workshop is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to analyse their career path and current repertoire of skills and competencies.Participantswill be facilitated to formulate plans to achieve their ambition and promote themselves within local government.

Programme Content

  • Assess your current skills, abilities and core beliefs
  • Review of achievements and identify gaps
  • Audit and update your curriculum vitae and application form
  • Examine and estimate your future potential
  • Explore the demands of “target” jobs
  • Explore opportunities for building skills and competencies
  • Know how to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Techniques to build self regard and optimism
  • Write an action plan

Participants will be invited to bring a work/life balance wheel which the tutors provide pre-course.

Duration & Mode of Delivery

In this one-day workshop you will assess your strengths, potential for development and core beliefs to discover how you can find the work that matches your profile. We combine action learning, co-consulting and experiential exercises to ensure that your goals and objectives are clarified.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for staff:

  • Who want to put back what is missing in their job; a greater challenge or more interaction with people.
  • Who are ‘stuck’ and not getting the opportunity to progress and may wish to explore possibilities of moving to another department in the organisation.
  • Reflecting on moving to another position in local government in order to improve their career prospects or for those who wish to avail of voluntary redundancy.