International Programme


Our international work has been curtailed due to Covid however we keep our links via the web and deliver virtual workshops with many of the women who participated in our programmes. In Monica’s book ‘Stand Up, Speak Out’, she tells the international story in her final chapter.

Professor Monica McWilliams is a highly skilled consultant with over twenty years’ experience in human rights, negotiation and conflict resolution and extensive overseas experience with national human rights institutions and international organisations. She was a visiting Professor in Human Rights at the University of Chicago for the Spring Semester 2014. She has been involved in Training and Capacity building on gender based violence with civic society organisations in a range of conflict societies.

Monica advised the Irish Ambassador in Uganda in developing the work of the Ugandan Human Rights Commission and delivered presentations to foreign diplomats and delegations on the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

While Mary was with the Institute of Public Administration in Dublin, she worked on a range of international programmes throughout Europe and in Africa.

International Experience

  • In 2018 we worked with international peace students in Croatia
  • Myanmar (2017):
    • Capacity Building for Women in Kachin province, delivered on behalf of Trocaire.
  • Geneva (January 2016):
    • Facilitated women negotiators from the Syrian opposition delegation on how to lobby ambassadors in Geneva, how to get their support, establish back channels of communications and how to draft proposals. The negotiation skills workshop was organised by Kivinna till Kivinna (Swedish Foundation).
  • Gazientep (September 2014):
    • Designed and delivered a strategic leadership programme for Syrian women on behalf of the Washington based 'Women's Democracy Network" 
  • Istanbul (June 2014):
    • Designed and delivered a capacity building training programme for Syrian women on behalf of the Washington based 'Women's Democracy Network" 
  • Istanbul (April 2014):
    • 'UN Women' and 'Institute for War and Peace Reporting': Women in Peace Building- four day workshop delivered to women from Georgia, Abkhazia and S. Ossietia
  • Jordan (May 2013):
    • Negotiation and Mediation Workshops for Kvinna till Kvinna (Swedish Foundation).
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (February 2013):
    • UN Women Peace Building programme.
  • Doha (January 2013):
    • Facilitator for the ‘WDN’, worked on their capacity building programme for Syrian women.
  • Istanbul (November, 2012):
    • Facilitator for the ‘WDN’, worked on their capacity building programme for Syrian women. 
  • Dubai (January, 2012):
    • Pro bono facilitator for the ‘Institute for Inclusive Security’, worked on their ‘High Peace Council’ programme for Afghan women.
  • Tanzania:
    • Management Development Training for all of Tanzania’s Council Directors. 
  • Luxembourg, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland:
    • Team Dynamics Workshops for civil servants. 
  • Croatia: 
    • Train the Trainer programme for Croatian Civil Service. 
  • European Parliament: 
    • Team Building (Danish Translation Division, senior staff in the Slovak Parliament and civil servants in Slovenia).

International Peace Building