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Capacity Building for Myanmar Delegation hosted by Trocaire and the EU

Monica McWilliams and Mary McWilliams undertook a one day capacity building workshop with five participants from Kachin region of Myanmar.

This involved learning on negotiation skills as the participants are currently involved in peace building efforts at the local and national levels. Their particular focus was the inclusion of Kachin minority groups in the national dialogue, the increase of women's participation in public decision making, legal rights for women including the issue of domestic and sexual violence as part of the debate on a new  constitution for Myanmar.

The participants engaged in negotiating exercises and drafted a number of proposals relating to their specific interests in the current negotiations taking place in their homeland. Monica McWilliams drew on her own experience in the Northern Ireland peace talks as an example of how they could use various tactics and strategies to progress their own interests.

"The workshop was the perfect end to a great week of engagements and immersion in our peace and political process and a highlight for all the participants"

 - Kevin Donnelly - Regional Manager, TrĂ³caire, Belfast.