Our Clients

  • Belfast City Council 2012

    Programme: Leadership Development

    ILM Level 3 First Line Management.

  • Belfast City Council Ongoing

    Programme: Team Leader Award

    Level 2 ILM Team Leading Award programmes for all front line staff.

    We have trained 450 staff in this programme over the past four years.   

  • Local Government Staff Commission Ongoing

    Programme: Various

    Level 2 and Level 3 ILM Programmes. 

    Participants from all of the Northern Ireland Councils attend these programmes.   

  • Fermanagh District Council 2012

    Programme: Business Improvement Techniques & Building Optimism for Challenging Times

  • Northern Ireland Councils 2012

    Programme: Career Planning

  • Derry City Council 2012

    Programme: Making the Media Work for You

    Delivered to Councillors.

  • Newtownabbey Borough Council 2012

    Programme: Leadership

    ILM Level 2 & Level 3.

  • Craigavon Borough Council 2012

    Programme: Strategic Management Facilitation & Leadership Development

    Facilitation of the Senior Management Team at the request of Craigavon’s Director of Development in 2011.

    We have provided Level 3 ILM First Line Management programmes for over 100 managers in Craigavon from 2008 - 2010.

  • Down District Council 2011

    Programme: Leadership Development

    Four ILM Level 3 First Line Management programmes delivered to over 55 managers.

  • Derry City Council 2010

    Programme: ILM Level 3 First Line Management

    Four ILM Level 3 First Line Management programmes provided for over fifty staff. 

  • Cookstown Borough Council 2009

    Programme: ILM Level 3 First Line Management

    ILM Level 3 First Line Management programme provided for over fifteen managers.

  • Limavady Borough Council 2009

    Programme: Team Leader Award

    ILM Level 2 Team Leader Award consisted of five modules delivered over four days to 15 staff.

  • Department of Foreign Affairs 2001

    Programme: Media Skills

    City/County: Dublin

  • gem 2012

    Programme: Business Improvement Techniques

    Delivered to Team Leaders.

  • Concentrix 2012

    Programme: Train The Trainer

    Delivered to Team Leaders.

  • Dairygold Co-Operative Society Ltd. 2002

    Programme: Team Building

  • Institute of Public Administration 2002

    Programme: Management Development

     Training for all of Tanzania’s Council Directors.

  • Croatian Civil Service 2002

    Programme: Train the Trainer

    Preparing civil servants for entry to the European Union.

  • European Parliament 2002

    Programme: Team Building

    Delivered to:  Danish Translation Division, senior staff in the Slovak Parliament and civil servants in Slovenia. 

  • European Countries 2001

    Programme: Team Dynamics Workshops

    Countries: Luxembourg, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland.

    Team Dynamics Workshops were delivered to civil servants in these countries.

  • International Republican Institute 2012

    Programme: Capacity Building

    Country/City: Istanbul

    Facilitator for the Woman's Democratic Network (WDN), worked on their capacity building programme for Syrian women.   

  • Institute for Inclusive Security 2012

    Programme: High Peace Council

    Country/City: Dubai

    Pro bono facilitator for the ‘Institute for Inclusive Security’, worked on their ‘High Peace Council’ programme for Afghan women.    

  • International Republican Institute

    Programme: Peace Building and Negotiation - Syrian Women

    "The theoretical and practical information that you provided kept participants engaged and motivated to learn each day. Participants benefited greatly from your guidance and skilled knowledge on negotiations, mediation and coalition building.
    It cannot be overemphasied that this training was conducted at a crucial time in Syria's history. Due to your effort, our Syrian participants went home empowered to ensure that women's voices will be included in determining the way forward for their country."

    Lorne Craner


    International Republican Institute

  • United Nations

    Programme: International Programme

    Women Connect Across Conflicts

    "I would like to thank you again for your availability to work with us and for us, and for the women of Georgia. I was not only impressed with your professional skills and expertise, but I was touched by your commitment and the human traits that you brought into the training room making it a very special event.
    I am sure that the women activists sitting in the room will never forget this experience and we will do our best to ensure that they will treasure the time spent with you, the lessons learned and best practices.
    It has been a real pleasure and honour to work with two people like you, experienced, professional, renowned and still very accessible, kind and open."

    Graziella Piga

    United Nations Programme Manager/Chief Technical Adviser

    Cross-Regional Programme – Women Connect Across Conflicts

  • Belfast City Council

    Programme: ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills

    McWilliams Associates has been delivering our Frontline Development Programme for a number of years and consistently provide quality training delivery. The trainers are adaptive and flexible in response to our changing needs and participant feedback is always very positive about the trainer’s knowledge and awareness of issues affecting local government.

    Catherine Christy

    Head of Human Resources

  • Down District Council

    Programme: First Line Management (ILM Level 3)

    The feedback from this programme was very positive:

    This was one of the most useful courses I have attended.  The assignment was work based and the information gathered throughout the course can be directly related back to my workplace.
    Very well delivered course.  Presenters were very professional and knew their subject.
    One of the best external courses organised by the Council.

    Aveen Magorrian

    Training & Development Officer

  • Local Government Commission

    Programme: Career Planning

    Really enjoyed the workshop and the tutors were excellent.

    Paula Maitland

    I thought both facilitators worked very well and gave each individual a lot of personal attention.

    Adam Farquhar

    Castlereagh Borough Council

  • Local Government Commission

    Programme: Career Planning

    Good to have someone with experience to help me with my Career Plan.  You two ladies were inspirational.

    Emma McParland

    Newry & Mourne District Council

  • Craigavon District Council

    Programme: Management Development (ILM Level 3)

    On behalf of the 'IiP' working group I would like to record our thanks. I am very pleased to say that the feedback has been very positive. The managers were very impressed by the delivery of the programme.

    Mr Robert T. Colvin

  • Concentrix

    Programme: Business Improvement Techniques

    Mary and Anne delivered  'Business Improvement' workshops which everyone thoroughly enjoyed because of the interactive facilitation and the friendly and supportive approach of the trainers. Many of the delegates have since been able to use and share the skills they learned. It is great to work with two professionals and we value their input, expertise and feedback. 

    Andrea Close
    Head of Organisational Development and Coaching

  • Dairygold Co-Operative Society Ltd.

    Programme: Team Building

    The feedback has been incredibly positive from the training you delivered - (now the hard part - getting the actual team briefing off the ground!)

    Cathlin Mulledy
    Group Training and Development Manager